MedeAnalytics needed a strong partner to help support its employee engagement efforts and HR processes. Their first step was to hire Chief People Officer Lisa King, who realized that reorganizing the entire HR department would help create an even better work environment for the organization. King, having experience with ADP, quickly realized that it was the perfect solution to help her realize her strategy.

ADP has been a crucial piece of the puzzle for reporting on tax and other complex regulatory processes. With employees located across the continental U.S. and the world, I rest easier at night knowing that MedeAnalytics is backed by ADP’s compliance expertise.

Lisa King, Chief People Officer


  • Payroll and HR were not optimized and time-consuming for the new team managing it
  • Without self-service options, employee requests were overloading the HR team
  • Employee compliance training required an upgrade to tracking and reporting

How ADP Helped

  • ADP Workforce Now streamlines everything from payroll to performance management and open enrollment
  • Support with monitoring, recording, and reporting on completed training modules

ADP Solutions

  • ADP Workforce Now

Impactful change starts with streamlined efficiencies

As a current ADP client, King immediately recognized that they could make meaningful improvements by utilizing all ADP Workforce Now’s modules to their fullest potential. So, she and her ADP account manager got to work, and together, they built out the system. Everything from payroll to performance management and open enrollment is now handled within ADP Workforce Now’s system, which has streamlined operations for King and her team.

“All of the feeds flow so well, and it’s fantastic! I am fully confident with our reporting and the end-to-end automated processes enabled by ADP — which I love!”

Tech that techies love

It takes a lot to impress an analytics company with your analytics, but King has found that ADP provides her and her team with the right data to help make those crucial decisions with measurable outcomes. And since she was essentially redesigning her entire department, having that data at her fingertips came in handy as they built a foundation for future goals and initiatives. She adds:

“ADP Workforce Now’s dashboards and reports are great. I work in an environment with some very tech-savvy folks, and they love predictive analytics. When I show our leadership team ADP’s dashboards, they can see predictability for trends like turnover and salary. And they can compare that data alongside our headcount by state and demographics. It takes the guesswork out of succession planning. It’s all right there.”

Data security of the utmost importance

MedeAnalytics provides actionable insights and analytics for healthcare organizations, so they know all about compliance and protecting sensitive information. They have maintained multiple certifications for many years, including HITRUST, and all their staff undergo rigorous training before accessing anything in their system. Keeping track of these trainings is vital to their compliance, and ADP plays a huge part in this. Not only does ADP Workforce Now support them in monitoring, recording, and reporting on completed training modules, but MedeAnalytics is also backed by ADP’s unwavering commitment to data security.