After 13 happy years as a salesman with MasterBrand Cabinets, Trace Ragland seized an opportunity to start his own business — without parting ways with his longtime employer. The company he founded, Tristar Sales, exclusively sells MasterBrand products to dealers and builders in Tennessee and Alabama. As the boss, he now tries to treat his employees as well as MasterBrand treated him.

It’s hard to put a figure on how much ADP saves me. I know they save me hours every month just by handling my payroll. That’s for sure.

Trace Ragland

Trace Ragland, Owner
Tristar Sales

Business Challenge: A business owner who is new to payroll wants to take care of his employees without bleeding money.

How ADP Helped: RUN Powered by ADP® (RUN) and ADP Retirement Services gives small business owners more options with minimal hassle.