Initially established in 1986 by Dr. John Garrett, Resurgens Orthopaedics provides excellent, innovative, patient-focused and comprehensive orthopaedic care to the greater Atlanta community through its 24 locations. To help deliver on its ongoing mission of excellence, Resurgens, an ADP Workforce Now customer, turned to ADP’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solution to successfully reduce turnover among new hires to desired levels, as requested by senior management.

ADP’s RPO solution is highly flexible and adaptable. Anything we wanted, ADP was willing to do for us. We didn’t have to do any back flips to make it work. … We’ve had this relationship with ADP RPO for the past three years, and year over year turnover for new hires has declined. Right now, it's at the target. We haven't gone below the target rate yet, but the fact that we’re this close says a lot about how RPO has helped impact our situation in a short amount of time.

Sue Dunlap, Rersurgens

Sue Dunlap, Human Resources Director
Resurgens Orthopaedics

Challenges Resurgens faced:

  • High turnover rates among its more than two dozen facilities within the Atlanta, Ga. Healthcare market
  • Limited internal resources with a one-person internal recruiting department

How ADP helped:

  • Offered a “seamless bridge” to the data required for Resurgens to even consider an RPO solution.
  • Delivered an effective RPO solution to manage Resurgens’ high-turnover, patient-facing positions, including medical assistants, front desk/administration jobs and x-ray technicians.
  • Reduced turnover rate to target goals and cut Resurgens’ critical “time-to-fill” from 71 to 41 days – a number that continues to trend downward.