Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center (“Fred Hutch”) is a busy, independent, non-profit research center with 3,500 employees, spanning across 12 different states. Since multi-state employment tax filing can be a complicated process, Steven Holdaway, payroll manager at Fred Hutch, knew it was critical to find a way to help ensure timely and accurate employment tax filing.

ADP brings peace of mind and compliance. You can have significant penalties for almost anything that may go wrong with your employment tax filing. From that standpoint, we know that ADP can help us stay in compliance in our many, many jurisdictions, and that our employment tax filing is done appropriately and timely. We feel confident knowing ADP will be responsible for moving our money to the various taxing agencies. ADP is a leader in the industry, and that has given us a sense of peace.

Steven Holdaway

Steven Holdaway, CPP, Payroll Manager
Fred Hutchinson

Challenges Fred Hutchinson faced:

  • A busy non-profit research center needed help managing its multi-state employment tax filings and deposits.

How ADP helped

  • ADP SmartCompliance® Employment Tax module help reduce the compliance burden of multi-state filing and depositing, delivering peace of mind and added time to focus on core tasks.