Adams Beverages is a family-owned and operated Anheuser-Busch distributor since 1937, They provide wine, beer and beverage distribution services to 49 counties across North Carolina and Alabama. The company has long instilled its family values into the business, knowing that its team members are integral to its success and growth. Christine Dunne, Adams’ Director of Human Resources, shares her thoughts on making the transition to ADP® and how ADP is helping grow the distributor business.

Now we have integrated systems that function like a true HRIS. That’s 100% the type of efficiency we need for our company’s size and our plans for the future.

Christine Dunne, Director of Human Resources
Adams Beverages


  • Lack of efficiency and time to process payroll. In need of an integrated system to maintain accurate data. This challenge may result in an increase in employee turnover.

How ADP helped

  • Improved accuracy and streamlined HR processes

Turning chaos into clarity
Our payroll setup at the time was extremely frustrating and processing payroll was time consuming. We had different payroll packages for each of our locations, with five different payroll codes even though we have only two EINs. Nothing was integrated, so our data was a mess — nothing matched and nothing balanced.
Due to the issues we had, we put out an RFP for a new vendor. After a full proposal process, ADP offered the best products for the best price. It also has the best reputation.

Improving accuracy and streamlining HR processes
The last thing I want for an employee is to have a problem with their payroll. If employees can’t count on their pay being correct and on time, we risk turnover. With ADP, I had the confidence to know we’d make our employees lives easier and as a business, we’d be positioned for success.

Looking toward the future with confidence
Before ADP, most of my time was spent putting out fires. Now, I have complete confidence that when I run a payroll, it will be accurate. More importantly, we now have integrated systems that function like a true HRIS.

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