Find out how ADP Workforce Now®, with benefits, payroll and employee self-service, plus an exceptional service experience, make all the difference for Virtual Incorporated.

If I call in and someone doesn’t know the answer, they don't guess. They find an expert because, somewhere within the organization, somebody knows exactly what I want to do, and they've dealt with it in the past. No matter how complicated an issue is, they can find the person that's going to know how to solve my problem.

Scott Herpolsheimer

Sean Hainer, CFO
Virtual Incorporated

Challenges Virtual Incorporated faced:

  • Needing to combine three unique EINs into one
  • Wanting to give employees more autonomy to complete tasks, like time reporting and open enrollment, on their own

How ADP helped

  • Completed a complex implementation without any employee frustration
  • Offered access to ADP experts who are always available to address even the most complicated issues
  • Provided self-service capabilities through which employees can experience ownership over their own data