Bonnie Chase is the office manager extraordinaire at Blue Bell Mattress - a family-run business that provides high-quality mattresses nationwide. Originally stepping into the role for what she thought would be a temporary basis, Bonnie’s responsibilities have significantly grown over the past five years and now encompass all of Blue Bell’s accounts payable, payroll, HR and benefits activity. With so many different hats to wear, she knows that having a robust payroll system is paramount to letting her focus on what matters most — helping customers, employees and company officers rest easy at night. .

My favorite thing about ADP are its people - their support and customer service speaks volumes. I’m someone who best learns how to perform the job, while on the job. I love when Christine [my client services rep] uses the co-browse function with me. We share the same screen and she guides me where to click.

Bonnie Chase, Payroll & Benefits Coordinator
Blue Bell Mattress


  • The client needed an easier way to access their data and pull reports.

How ADP Helped

  • ADP Workforce Now and the customer service has made pulling data and reports much easier.

ADP Solutions

  • ADP Workforce Now

Biggest efficiency add – ADP® reporting tool
Prior to ADP, so many of Blue Bell’s processes were cumbersome, paper-based and manual. Now, every time Bonnie runs an ADP report, her COO proclaims ‘How did you do that so quickly? ’. In addition to its efficiency, Bonnie appreciates ADP’s Workforce Now® customization features: “I love being able to keep tailored reports saved in one spot and secure until I’m ready to share them. When someone comes to me, like our COO, asking for specific information, I know it’s easily accessed with just a few keystrokes. Plus, with a library of standard reports, I can fine-tune them to highlight the data we specifically need. Often an officer will email me during a meeting, requesting a specific report. With ADP Workforce Now® I can run it and send it to him within minutes. That’s huge for us.”

User experience
Bonnie loves how user-friendly ADP Workforce Now® is. “I didn’t have payroll experience prior to stepping into this role, so I find myself playing around in it quite often. I’m always confident and comfortable navigating the system - after all I’m in it nearly every day. We’re a straightforward, nuts-and-bolts kind of company. We know we can use more ADP features, but for now we’re extremely happy with how it meets our needs and beyond.”