PTC is a global software company that enables industrial and manufacturing companies to digitally transform how they engineer, manufacture, and service the physical products that the world relies on. With a dynamic workforce of 7,000 global employees, serving over 30,000 clients, PTC has embarked on an ambitious journey with ADP® to streamline its payroll system by consolidating over 20 vendors into a single, efficient global payroll solution utilizing ADP’s top-tier offering.

We have a very positive relationship with ADP. We really value all the insights that they brought to the implementation — anything from compliance to local expertise, to optimizing some of our internal processes. They’ve been a really great partner and key to the success of our implementation. Ultimately, ADP and PTC have the same common goal.

Stephanie Buccieri, Senior Manager, Global Payroll

Stephanie Buccieri, Senior Manager, Global Payroll


  • Managing payroll between multiple vendors that utilized multiple systems. Responsibilities were split between HR and accounting functions, resulting in a lack of standardization.
  • Compliance concerns across various localities.

How ADP helped

  • Centralized payroll functions and streamlined processes and bolstered consistency in its people data.
  • Provided more accurate data to the business for decision-making.
  • Peace of mind by mitigating compliance risks.

The need for consolidation

Before embarking on its global payroll transformation, PTC faced the challenge of managing payroll using a staggering 28 vendors and 30 payroll systems. The responsibilities were divided between HR and accounting functions, which lacked standardization. To address this, PTC partnered with ADP to centralize the payroll function, streamline processes and ensure consistency in its people data. Once complete, this consolidation will enable PTC to better serve its employees, provide more accurate data to the business for decision-making and scale with an efficient and timely global payroll system.

In-country expertise helps ensure local compliance

During implementation, PTC recognized the need to create a global listing of pay elements to standardize payroll inputs, outputs and general ledger reporting. This strategic move ensured a smoother, more efficient start to each country’s implementation.

Samantha Shullo, SVP of Global Accounting and Source to Pay, adds, “This process has unearthed more opportunities for standardization and efficiencies. When it comes to compliance, it’s about cost avoidance. Using ADP gives us confidence that we’re mitigating risks.”

Empowering employees globally

In 2021, PTC implemented self-service in the United States, enabling employees to update their banking and tax details independently. In the first year, employees made approximately 3,700 changes, and the volume has remained consistent year after year. Buccieri estimates that employee self-service has saved the organization about half of a full-time equivalent in manual work.

From a global perspective, Buccieri appreciates the shift to a more centralized portal, stating, “With the ADP portal, you can conveniently access everything from the payroll system to the Global MyView portal to view your payslip with a single login. It’s simple and convenient.”

On winning the Global Solutions at Work Award

The Global Solutions at Work Award recognizes an organization that exemplifies leadership in human capital management by effectively harnessing cutting-edge technology and implementing streamlined processes worldwide. PTC was selected as the 2024 winner of this award in recognition of their remarkable achievements in enabling a global payroll transformation.

Alice Christenson, Corporate Vice President and Controller, remarks, “This project is truly transformational for PTC. At the outset, we had 28 different disparate systems across the globe processing payroll, sometimes leveraging Excel with different teams and a fraction of people’s times. Through a combination of technology, organizational changes and process improvements that we’ve partnered with ADP from the outset on, we’re driving transformation across PTC that’s truly changing the way we work and how we support our employees every day. We are proud to have won this award. It’s really a nod to our global payroll transformation and recognition of the leadership from our team.”

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