For LevCo Technologies, RUN Powered by ADP® provides the convenience and efficiency of a one-stop-shop solution for easy payroll, benefits administration and overcoming compliance challenges — giving them more time to focus on their years-long growth plan.

We needed a one-stop shop and a resource that could provide easy payroll, benefits and compliance capabilities surrounding ever-changing state laws to help prevent costly mistakes. We found that with RUN.

Tracey Levy, Partner and Chief Executive Officer
LevCo Technologies


  • Payroll and HR challenges that their previous vendor couldn’t handle
  • Remaining compliant with ever-changing laws in the various states where they have employees
  • An onboarding process that was time-consuming and expensive

How ADP helped

  • ADP provides a comprehensive solution with easy payroll, benefits and compliance capabilities.

ADP Solutions

  • RUN Powered by ADP

Invested in growth, achieving results with ADP

LevCo Technologies is an IT solutions provider passionate about technology and its business applications. Their approach is simple and practical, focusing on the big picture. When looking for an easier — and more comprehensive — payroll solution, they switched to RUN Powered by ADP for help.

Finding a comprehensive solution with RUN

When LevCo was established in 2017, they were using Intuit. However, they eventually reached the point where they outgrew Intuit’s payroll and HR capabilities. They required a more complete solution once they got to 12 employees, as it became difficult to manage.

Compliance challenges solved

With ADP, LevCo has been able to stay up to date with compliance requirements in the various states where they have employees — including Arizona, Colorado, Illinois, Florida, Georgia and Pennsylvania. The Employee Handbook Wizard, included with RUN, is a particularly valuable resource for LevCo, given their remote workforce and the constantly changing state laws.

Achieving results

The investment in ADP has proved worthwhile, given the time and cost savings they’ve experienced and the ease of use for HR and employees. The company can now focus more on growing and hiring rather than getting slowed down by added administrative tasks.

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