Starting as just one gas station in New Paltz, New York, CPD has grown over the last 40 years to over 250 company-operated and supply sites for motor fuel and convenience store operations. With this tremendous growth came new challenges — more locations meant more employees, which meant more HR and payroll-related tasks for the company’s HR team of one. Hear from Matthew Hagquist, CFO, how CPD outsourced many HR-related functions to create more efficiencies and better manage its workforce.

I’m a big proponent of outsourcing and would absolutely recommend ADP Comprehensive Services. Stick to your core competency — if it isn’t processing payroll, don’t waste your time trying to process payroll. Let the experts do it.

Matthew Hagquist, CFO
Chestnut Petroleum Distributors (CPD)


  • Managing rapid company growth with an HR team of one

How ADP helped

  • CPD outsourced many HR-related functions to ADP Comprehensive Services, and ADP helped to automate tasks and create efficiencies