Discover how ADP helped LHP Capital increase employee engagement and efficiency for its nine-state, 300-person workforce through a smooth implementation, automating their systems and the use of the ADP mobile platform.

Being able to mobilize our workforce with the ADP mobile app has truly been a game changer.

Lindsay Willis

Lindsay Willis, Vice President of Human Resources
LHP Capital

Challenges LHP Capital faced:

  • Smoothly transition from a PEO to an HCM provider they could rely on
  • Managing a multi-state workforce with tedious, manual processes
  • Complying with varying tax laws and employee regulations across states
  • Communicating efficiently with mobile employees

How ADP helped

  • Provided a smooth implementation with expert and reliable support
  • Automated manual systems to create efficiencies for the HR team
  • Provided an easy-to-use onboarding solution with automatic tax and regulation alerts per location
  • Mobilized their workforce with the use of ADP Mobile, allowing employees to access systems and documents while on the go