Bokam Engineering is an engineering and manufacturing firm that produces technology products for clients from a wide range of industries. Its product lines include underwater controls and sensors, trackballs and industrial mice, mining and explosive environment controls, and explosion-proof joysticks.

We create new things. We’re a technology company, and some of the things we’re working on are very exciting. That’s what gets me out of bed.

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Michael Shvartsman, Operations Manager
Bokam Engineering


  • With Paychex, running payroll was slow and inefficient, taking up precious staff hours that could have been better spent elsewhere.

How ADP helped

  • With RUN Powered by ADP, payroll is done in a fraction of the time, plus solutions like Doc Vault, ZipRecruiter®, and Alerts and Notifications free up staff to focus on more important things.


Paychex was ridiculously inefficient
I really didn’t like the amount of time that we were spending on payroll with Paychex. We’d have two or three people working on it, and it would take them four, five hours. It was ridiculous. These were people who could have been doing other things!

The problem was that Paychex didn’t have an automated system, so we had to call them and give them our information every time. Their whole system was cumbersome and old —just really inefficient. I was looking to get payroll done in an hour at most.

We tried to talk to them about it. They were nice people, but at the time they just didn’t have the tools to help us out.

I was looking around at other service providers when an ADP representative showed up and told me about RUN. It looked very efficient and easy to use. After considering it and asking a lot of questions, we decided to make the switch.

With RUN Powered by ADP, processing payroll takes 10 minutes
Now, doing payroll in RUN takes 10 minutes. And because I no longer have to spend half my day on it, I can be doing other things. Opportunity cost is really critical for somebody like myself, and ADP is a huge cost savings in terms of labor and time spent.

There are a lot of ways that ADP saves us time. We’ve started using Doc Vault to store our files, particularly those that deal with any kind of reporting to the government. With paper files, we used to spend a long time retrieving important documents. But during COVID, for example, when we had to furlough some employees, we put all the communications with the California Employee Development Department into Doc Vault, and when we needed them, it was easy to find them.

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