Here’s why CDI continues to partner with ADP to simplify payroll and compliance for employees in 45 states.

ADP helps us be strategic in sourcing talent. That way we're ahead of the game, and not behind the eight ball, when we're looking for people. The calls in the department reduced significantly, about 50 percent. And as a result we were able to reduce headcount in our small staff.

Jessica Larson, Senior Vice President of HR
Center for Diagnostic Imaging (CDI)

Challenges CDI faced:

  • Ongoing growth, both organic and through mergers and acquisitions
  • Ensuring payroll taxes and compliance are up to date across 45 states
  • Enhancing recruitment strategy to make it a better prospective employee experience

How ADP helped

  • Offered product, pricing, and support that met CDI’s needs and exceeded options offered by competitor
  • Keeps CDI continuously up to date on employment-related tax and payment regulations, benefits, and ACA compliance
  • Recruitment Management module has enabled social network postings and simplified, paperless new hire offer and onboarding documents