People at all levels strive for quick decisions — and seek trusted information to guide their actions. But data can be tough to get, hard to understand and create more questions than answers. Hear how all types of large organizations turn to ADP to help put it all together. Understand why deep workforce insight is increasingly important, hear how enterprises measure their workforce performance against ADP’s vast data and relevant metrics — and learn how they’ve transformed data into actionable, decision-making insight.

Analytics lets us be more predictive in how we do things, as opposed to reactive. The data is at our fingertips to reveal trends, forecast requirements and so much more.

Jaime Blankenship, HRIS Administrator
Commonwealth Care of Roanoke

Challenge enterprise clients faced:

  • Accessing, utilizing and understanding their workforce data

How ADP helped:

  • Provided access to vast workforce and industry data to help them make better business decisions