Running payroll for a six-person office shouldn’t take all day. But for Jacqueline Sanchez, office manager for Beach Family Medicine, processing payroll manually with QuickBooks, while using a separate system for time and attendance, felt endless.

Now payroll is so much easier having time and attendance as part of the same system. I review hours and time cards, approve, and I’m done. It’s given me the time to focus on the growth of our office. For me, time is money. And now, payroll is hassle and time free.

Jacqueline Sanchez Beach Family Medicine

Jacqueline Sanchez, Office Manager
Beach Family Medicine

The Challenge Beach Family Medicine faced

  • Running payroll manually on a system that wasn’t integrated with time and attendance, was inefficient and time consuming.

How ADP helped

  • RUN Powered by ADP® seamlessly integrates time and attendance with payroll processing.