Running an Amazon DSP isn’t easy. Tina Kehagias (BTK Rush, Chicago, Illinois) and Tina Porter (Venus Logistics, Shawnee, Kansas) work hard to onboard drivers, manage deliveries and keep an accurate record of it all. Read why they switched from Paycom to ADP for flexible, comprehensive and user-friendly payroll and HR software.

We’re grateful for ADP’s dedicated Amazon support team, available 24/7/365. They understand the needs of the DSPs. They don’t make me feel like ADP is as big as it is. I applaud ADP for making me feel like it’s a small business just like us. I would be really stressed out right now if Paycom was my only solution to handle my workforce. ADP does an outstanding job. Compared to Paycom, ADP is a dream.


  • Lack of integrated payroll, scheduling and reporting tools
  • Inconvenient customer service options

How ADP helped

  • Robust, built-in reporting to help stay compliant with Amazon DSP program policies
  • Convenient 24/7/365 customer service support

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