Boyd Corporation, a diverse manufacturing company headquartered in California with over 20 locations around the globe, creates integrated engineered materials and thermal management solutions for its clients. As a large, growing organization, recruitment has been an ongoing and demanding challenge for its onsite HR team. Hear from Joey Barrett, talent acquisition leader, why Boyd Corporation chose to partner with ADP for Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and ADP Recruiting Management to optimize their recruitment efforts, save time and hire better candidates.

ADP RPO saves our site HR folks at least eight hours a week on average, which is pretty significant when you break out their time commitments and what their responsibilities entail. Now that they have this time back, they’re able to focus on other initiatives such as process improvements, metrics, driving employee engagement and partnering with our operations leadership to roll out lean manufacturing initiatives.

Joey Barrett Talent acquisition leader Boyd Corporation

Joey Barrett, Talent acquisition leader
Boyd Corporation


  • Recruiting managed by onsite HR team
  • Disconnected processes
  • Engaging with local recruitment firms was expensive and not a long-term, sustainable solution

How ADP helped

  • Comprehensive recruiting solution, connecting to existing HRIS
  • Seamless, streamlined implementation process
  • Brand activation team support to design and create a new career site and activate brand campaigns

ADP Recruiting Management

ADP Recruiting Management is one of the more intuitive systems that I have used in my career, so I’ve actually enjoyed working within the system.

ADP Recruiting Management is easy to use and very straightforward. The technology was implemented alongside RPO, enabling the process to be designed and the system configured to what worked best for Boyd.

Our focus was to make it as simple for the candidates and recruiters as possible. The user experience is great and moving candidates from one step to the next is simple, intuitive and fast.

As we’ve matured, changes have been made where necessary. For example, we found that candidates would fall out of the application process because it was too cumbersome, and they didn’t want to take the time to do it. In working with ADP to redesign the process, many of the application steps were held until the offer stage. Candidates are highly motivated at this point, and we found that they were more willing to complete all necessary paperwork. It helped us get more candidates into the system at the frontend, reduce fallout and simplify the process for candidates as they were going through each of the steps.

Seamless integration

Before we brought on ADP RPO and ADP Recruiting Management, we didn’t have recruiters supporting the account or an applicant tracking system that was fully integrated. Essentially, we could post our positions and people could apply, but it was a dead end from there. There was no capability or direct interaction with our HRIS to seamlessly feed those candidates through the hiring process.

ADP Recruiting Management has really streamlined our entire recruitment process. Now, candidates apply through ADP Recruiting Management and go through the entire process, including drug and background screening. Once we hire them, they seamlessly move over to ADP Workforce Now. It’s a very seamless, integrated system that has really made our lives much easier and reduced the amount of manual work.

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