Harman Fitness, headquartered in Los Angeles, CA is the franchise organization that created Fitness Club Management and employs over 3,000 people. Crunch Fitness Club Management handles the operations for Harman’s corporate office in addition to their Harman Fitness franchises.

Our new experience elevates every interaction our team members have with the company and the efficiencies will be felt across the board — no more exporting data, uploading files, filling out paperwork and dissecting people’s handwriting. With ADP, we’re modernizing every aspect of our HR, timekeeping and payroll.

Kelly Fernandez, Director of Employee Relations
Harman Fitness


  • HR and timekeeping were different systems, leading to inefficiencies and time-intensive manual processes
  • Paper-based and Dropbox digital file management systems made intake and updating cumbersome and inefficient
  • Geographically distributed gym locations and nuanced employee status created complex HR and payroll scenarios for a small team to balance at scale

How ADP helped

  • ADP NextGen HCM allows managers to quickly and easily fill out schedules, taking work that once took an hour or more down to a 10-15 minute project.
  • Leaders no longer have to print and fill out forms, everything is digital.
  • Combined multiple disparate systems so all employees of every level can access everything they need from any location.

ADP Solutions

  • ADP Next Gen HCM

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