Sodexo is a multinational organization that provides “Quality of Life” on-site and home services to multiple sectors, including government services, healthcare, schools, energy and sports and leisure. Among Sodexo’s core values are diversity, inclusion, opportunity and sustainability; these pillars have built an environment for employee and client growth. Among the world’s largest employers, Sodexo’s policies serve as an industry benchmark. It has been recognized by nonprofits, NGOs and other trade organizations and media outlets from around the world for its efforts in driving an open, inclusive environment.

The quality of life at Sodexo is really focusing on helping everyone to be able to bring their whole self to work, be their best self, if you will, but also respecting others and the differences we value among our teams, having gender-balanced teams. All of those things are "Invest in yourself; invest in your career." We'll help you. We'll help you grow. And ADP has been a good partner and support in helping us advance in that space.

Gerri Mason-Hall, Sr. Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer

Challenges Sodexo faced:

  • Focus on integrating and engaging the employees and the employee experience

How ADP helped:

  • Sodexo partners with ADP to ensure a streamlined approach to the demanding logistics of payroll, HR support and employee training that a truly global company requires