Why organizations are shifting to a unified talent strategy

The fragmented, siloed approach that once characterized talent acquisition and management can create inefficiencies and gaps. Organizations become vulnerable to talent shortages, skills mismatches and poor employee experiences as a result.

To help mitigate such risks, employers today are moving to unified talent strategies that support their employees and their business goals. The objective is to attract the best talent, drive innovation and achieve sustainable growth while creating a supportive and engaging work environment.

How to shape talent strategy

Talent strategy concerns the candidate and employee experience while human capital management (HCM) strategy focuses on the bigger organizational picture. These strategies work together in three key areas to create a complete approach that boosts both individual and organizational success.

  1. Talent acquisition – Sources, evaluates and hires the best candidates to fill specific roles
  2. Talent management – Measures performance, fosters ongoing learning and development, and helps employees achieve goals
  3. Employee experience – Ensures a safe, positive and rewarding workplace where people are seen, heard and valued

Once you have a solid understanding of comprehensive talent strategy, you can evaluate your existing processes and technologies to identify areas for improvement and alignment with organizational goals.

How technology supports talent acquisition strategy

Technology plays a pivotal role in talent strategy by streamlining operations and establishing a cohesive experience for the organization, its candidates and its employees. Many employers have existing solutions for applicant tracking, performance evaluations and learning and development, but these systems might not work together in support of a unified talent strategy.

To synchronize talent strategy with larger business objectives, a unified technology platform is usually necessary. Fully integrated talent solutions offer consistent user experiences, reduce manual data entry and provide reports covering all stages of talent management, from onboarding to retirement.

ADP Editorial Team

ADP Editorial Team The ADP editorial team is comprised of human resource professionals with extensive experience solving complex HR challenges for businesses of all sizes.