Viejas Casino & Resort is San Diego’s premier casino hotel whose mission is to provide the ultimate guest experience to everyone who comes through their doors. The opportunity to achieve greater efficiencies and create a better working life for their team members was realized by enhancing their technology, implementing ADP Vantage HCM and the ADP Mobile app. We recently spoke with Jon Freedman, Freddie Harmon and Lexus Cosmano — who shared their individual experiences and how ADP’s solutions have helped their organization improve processes, allowing them to put more of their focus on delivering the ultimate guest experience.

We’ve seen a tremendous amount of value added since implementing Optimized Scheduling. The overall visibility it provides to our management team and our employees is wonderful. To have one uniform application with the scheduling tool helps us to properly forecast based on historical data and make real-time decisions that positively impact our labor.

Jon Freedman, Manager Payroll,
Viejas Casino & Resort


  • Managing employee scheduling - from time off requests to shift allocation - was a difficult, time consuming and manual process that required a lot of paperwork

How ADP helped

  • Following the implementation of Optimized Scheduling, they now have a streamlined application that helps them properly forecast based on historical data and make real-time decisions that positively impact their entire workforce


The move to ADP Vantage HCM

Jon Freedman: As our needs as a company evolved, so has our need for an appropriate HR and payroll solution. By making the move and implementing ADP Vantage HCM, we’ve experienced some great benefits that have helped streamline our process and make things easier. One of the biggest benefits to Vantage is being a single sign-on application for payroll and time and attendance, which allows us to enter data into the payroll module and have it seamlessly migrated into the time and attendance feature without the need of an additional export or import process. The way that the data flows from one application to the other is a huge benefit for us because when we make changes, they impact the floor instantly.

Workforce management and Optimized Scheduling

Jon Freedman: One of the biggest advantages with moving to ADP Vantage is the Optimized Scheduling and how it has completely streamlined our processes like a paid time off request, which can now be processed through the ADP Mobile app. Prior to that, we were pushing so much paper. Now, it’s as simple as pushing a button. When an employee submits their time off request, a manager is notified and approves it, and it automatically updates the schedule and timecard within minutes. That’s a huge time and cost savings when you look at having the managers approve the paid time off, and not have to process paper on a daily basis.

And the success is measurable. The largest return on investment here from partnering with ADP, especially as it relates to Optimized Scheduling, is the paid time off request. We analyzed a 12-month rolling period from July of 2021 to June of 2022, where we had approximately 2,294 approved time off requests. The time it saved our payroll administrators from manually inputting those requests equates to approximately $56,000 during that 12-month period.

Lexus Cosmano: There’s been a significant change in the time it takes to request — and get approval for — a switch with another employee. When I first started, it was a very manual process. Now if we want a switch, we just go into the app, enter the time and day we want approved and the request immediately gets sent to our manager for approval. The whole process is just so easy and saves everybody a lot of time.

Benefits of the ADP Mobile app

Freddie Harmon: The ADP Mobile app has had a huge impact, as it has provided us with some cost efficiencies. Our management team is always very busy on the casino floor or in their respective departments. They’ll often need to make staffing decisions at the last minute. In the past, that process was very manual, which was not very cost efficient. With the app, it’s really helped to eliminate the manual work for us. Now our department managers can log into the system, determine who to call based on hours and predictive overtime. That’s had a significant impact on the bottom line for us.

I expected the ADP Mobile app was going to have a great response from our team members, but I had not anticipated the response from our management team in how much time and money it’s saving their departments and how easy the system is to use. That’s been the biggest surprise of implementing the upgrades on the ADP Mobile app.

Tremendous value in reporting

Jon Freedman: Of all the tools we use to add value at Viejas, one of the most important is the reporting we generate from ADP. Whether it’s creating a customized FSLA report for HR or a comprehensive overtime report for our VPs, we’re able to make confident decisions based on the data that’s provided. As the payroll manager, there’s no doubt when I generate a report and send it off to our management team that the data is anything less than 100 percent accurate. It truly reflects what we’re looking to get out of the application.

Freddie Harmon: Data and analytics is the foundation of any successful business. And to be able to identify data that correlates together is so key in what we do. And with ADP, the data is all there, and it’s an easy reporting system. It can tell us, based off volumes and staffing level, the correlations. Our biggest expense is labor. A fantastic value that we get through ADP is the ability to see a correlation — or perhaps in some cases, not see a correlation — where we need to make some corrections quickly from a labor standpoint. Being able to quickly tie our revenue back to our labor costs is tremendous.

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