Managing over 30 routes that each deliver 300 packages to 196 stops daily, Tina Porter doesn’t have time for complicated payroll systems. Read about her experience with Paycom and why integrated payroll, scheduling and reporting tools drove her to ADP.

Punching in and out is simple and hours automatically transfer to payroll

Tina Porter, Operations Fleet Manager
Venus Logistics


  • Lack of integrated payroll, scheduling and reporting tools
  • Inconvenient customer service options

How ADP helped

  • Robust, built-in reporting to help stay compliant with Amazon DSP program policies
  • Convenient 24/7/365 customer service support

The ADP difference

Compared to Paycom, ADP is a dream. I can get payroll done in four hours with ADP, compared to two days’ worth of work with Paycom.

ADP’s time clock is simple. There is one screen to clock in and out and log meals. With the ADP My Team Dashboard, I have at-a-glance graphs to see who is clocked in and who isn’t; who is about to hit overtime (OT), how many time-off requests or missed punches I have or don’t have. I can set time constraints and geocodes for clocking in and out. The My Team Dashboard is my lifeline.

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