Vermeer is a manufacturer of iconic yellow iron seen on industrial jobsites and farm fields worldwide. As Payroll Lead for Vermeer Corporation, Debby Haning is responsible for payroll and tax administration for more than 2,500 manufacturing employees in three U.S. locations. The 70-year-old company also has locations in the Netherlands, Brazil and China. We recently spoke to Debby about the challenges she faced and how ADP helped with its ADP SmartCompliance® Employment Tax solution.

Prior to ADP, we were probably spending five to 10 hours each week responding to audits and agency paperwork. In addition to that time, we also spent hours speaking to the many agencies we deal with. Then there were the hours spent pulling information for audits. I even drove an hour once to go see the IRS to talk to them. So all those hours added up too! With ADP, I have all that time back in my day to focus on other things, knowing I don’t have these worries any more.

Debby Haning, Payroll Lead, Vermeer Corporation

Debby Haning, Payroll Lead
Vermeer Corporation

Challenges Vermeer faced:

  • Significant time spent responding to audits and agency paperwork
  • Maintaining compliance with government agencies across 20 different states

How ADP helped:

  • Time back to focus on other initiatives, without having to worry
  • Great service to support compliance and the employment tax needs of the business