Alison Abdu and Jess Tessier are part of an incredible HR team at MAB Community Services, one of Greater Boson’s oldest non-profits. MAB provides training, therapy, and support to individuals with disabilities, in order for them to live full and satisfying lives. With more than 600 staff working with adults with brain injuries and intellectual disabilities, neuro-diverse adolescents, and more than 1500 adults throughout Massachusetts who are blind or low vision, most of Alison and Jess’s time was spent addressing cumbersome processes and mountains of paperwork, rather than furthering MAB’s important mission. To accurately pay, provide top-notch HR services to their employees and better focus MAB’s resources Alison and Jess decided to partner with ADP’s Professional Services.

The mountain of paperwork is gone. So, when people walk by my office, they’re no longer searching for me behind a giant stack of forms. Moving towards a paperless organization has not only embraced MAB’s green initiatives, it’s improved transparency between employees and the HR team, setting us on the journey to becoming one of Greater Boston’s employers of choice.

Jess Tessier, Director of HR Operations
MAB Community Services


  • The client wanted to reduce paperwork and create a more streamlined HR process.

How ADP helped

  • Professional Services helped create a plan so they can achieve their vision and focus on their employees and participants

ADP Solutions

  • Professional Services for ADP Workforce Now

ADP’s Professional Services is an extension of our HR team. KC, our optimization services consultant, knows us, our culture, our challenges and what we’re trying to achieve. Since joining MAB, my team’s top priority was to implement HR best practices and streamline HR operations — get rid of all the paperwork. KC knew the efficiencies that were possible and helped us put that roadmap together.

MAB’s HR Roadmap: the priorities and milestones met
With so many programs, locations and longstanding manual processes in place we weren’t sure where to start. I often relate our HR journey to a “crawl, walk, run” analogy. In fact, in those early days, I’d say we were “sitting”. Today, because of KC’s support, we’ve reduced paperwork, improved efficiencies, reduced costs and made the work more meaningful for our HR team. Employees are now empowered to manage their own benefits, and with a stronger HR foundation we are moving toward a more efficient way of managing employee information.

MAB’s biggest win so far – open enrollment
Because of ADP Professional Services, MAB is now more strategic. We are carefully implementing new modules with KC’s help. Benefits administration has historically been a paper-based manual process. With ADP’s Open Enrollment, employees can access all benefits information and easily complete their documents in one place. For the first time ever, we’re not emailing corrections back and forth. My team finally has the confidence that the data in the system reflects exactly what our employees want.