Recent economic and geopolitical shifts have increased the visibility of payroll and provided opportunities for it to provide greater strategic value to businesses. Yet, there are some core issues that payroll teams must first overcome before stepping out of the back office. ADP’s 2022 global payroll survey found four themes that summarize these challenges:

  1. Payroll under attack
    By addressing cybersecurity head-on, payroll infrastructure will have the resilience to support business growth moving forward.
  2. Is payroll futureproof?
    As staff shortages and inefficient practices stretch businesses to the limit, now is the ideal time to explore how innovative payroll systems can help ease administrative burdens.
  3. Payroll that can scale
    Ambitious, global-minded businesses need an agile payroll infrastructure so they can deliver accuracy and consistency across each of their markets.
  4. Driving strategy through payroll data
    Stronger integration across business systems would ensure that business leaders can extract the most value from their payroll data.

Download the full results from ADP’s 2022 global payroll survey and see how payroll has the potential to be a flag-bearer for innovation, efficiency, growth and compliance.