ADP TotalSource: What a Comprehensive HR Partner Means for Your Business

What could your business accomplish if you didn’t have to worry about HR? What if you could have support exactly when you need it, how you need it, where you need it? That’s what it means to partner with ADP TotalSource. We’ll learn your unique business, and where you’re headed—and then help you get there by helping you manage risk, take care of your people, handle administration, and field questions. We’re your trusty co-pilot, keeping you focused on the horizon.

Comprehensive HR means stress-free benefits, payroll, compliance, risk management, safety, recruiting, and more.

There’s a lot that goes into HR, and you can’t be an expert at all of it. With ADP TotalSource, we’ll act as an extension of your team to strategically guide you and help you handle the heavy lifting of your HR. The result? You’re able to focus on what you do best, and know that you’re taking care of your people, protecting your business, and leveraging HR as a strategic advantage—not a burden.

Administrative support means you can focus time and energy elsewhere, while maintaining a lean team.

The more your business grows, the more complex HR administration gets—taking up your time, energy, and sanity. But you don’t necessarily have to grow your HR team too. By letting ADP TotalSource handle your administrative burdens like annual reporting, you can focus on what you do best, and maintain a leaner HR infrastructure.

43% of small business owners say having to wear multiple hats is the most difficult aspect of running their business.

43% of small business owners say having to
wear multiple hats is the most difficult aspect
of running their business.
Source: Constant Contact, 2015

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Industry-leading expertise means you’ll receive guidance from specialists to help you keep your business risk in check and take care of your employees.

You didn’t get in business to become an HR expert. ADP TotalSource monitors new employment laws and regulations and will help you tackle changes that affect your business the right way. Meanwhile, your employees gain access to rich benefits offerings that meet their wide-ranging needs—physically, financially, personally, and professionally. ADP TotalSource will educate your employees to ensure they’re aware and taking advantage of the great benefits you’ve made available to them. Plus, your people will have easy mobile access to their information.

A service center means your employees can speak with a real person whenever they have a question.

You know first-hand that HR can be complex—and your employees often have questions too. Through the ADP TotalSource employee service center, they’ll be able to call whenever they have a question or need assistance navigating a sensitive issue. That means your employees get the answers they need, and you get fewer interruptions.