Today is stopping issues before they multiply

Help to identify and cover your compliance blind spots.

Compliance blind spots. Regulation overload. Turnover hot spots. Employee issues. There’s no telling which one your business will need to deal with next. The question is, how will you respond? A co-employment partnership with ADP TotalSource® gives your business a dedicated partner that shares certain employment risks. We keep up with ongoing changes to HR and safety regulations, and help you react and comply with the changes that affect your business. What you don’t know can cost you.

Prevent and respond to workplace injuries.

No employer wants to have a worker get hurt on the job. In addition to the team member’s suffering, workplace injury risks productivity and profitability, and it can have a demoralizing impact on company culture. We provide you with a Risk and Safety Consultant who works with management to develop a personalized safety program. Your consultant will proactively recommend solutions to help limit your liabilities — even identifying factors contributing to workers’ compensation claims and lost work time.

Retaliation charges made up almost half — 45.9% — of all EEOC charges in 2016.

Retaliation charges made up almost half — 45.9% — of all EEOC charges in 2016.**

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Protection from employee claims and lawsuits.

No owner wants to be accused of wrongful employment practices. But protecting your employees and your business means preparing for the unforeseen: terminations, discipline, investigations, and even unemployment claims. We can assist you in staying compliant with regulations to help you prevent the worst from happening. And if something does go wrong, your HR partner and dedicated team will be there to help.

  • Knowledgeable advice when handling interviews, terminations, discipline, and mandatory leave laws such as those covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act
  • Guidance to help manage financial risks resulting from discrimination, wrongful discharge, harassment, and other workplace claims
  • Legal defense benefit coverage, as applicable, for attorney’s fees for covered claims*
  • Employment practices liability insurance for covered employment claims*

* Coverage limits apply

** Bureau of Labor Statistics, “Nonfatal Occupational Injuries and Illnesses Requiring Days Away From Work, 2015,” November 10, 2016. (accessed June 7, 2017).