What Compliance Expertise Means for Your Business

You feel it all the time: worry about risks and penalties, confusion over constant legislative updates, frustration that you may never know if you’re fully in compliance. While managing risk is a reality for all businesses, don’t let it hold you back. ADP TotalSource helps you reduce your business risk by keeping you on top of Health Care Reform requirements, local and federal employment regulations, safety standards, reporting, workers’ compensation, and more. That means hours added back to your day, and more restful nights.

Health Care Reform guidance means you’ll have dedicated specialists helping you meet your employer obligations.

Just when you think you’ve got Health Care Reform figured out, more changes are on the horizon. With ADP TotalSource, you will have the information you need to comply with the full host of complicated requirements. Our Health Care Reform specialists and technology will identify what you need to do across benefits, time-tracking, payroll, leaves of absence, and human resources. Plus, we’ll handle time-consuming annual IRS reporting for you.

Legislation monitoring means you’ll know how new employment laws affect you so you can plan accordingly.

Employer regulations at the federal, state, and local level are changing by the day—and what you don’t know can cost you. ADP TotalSource monitors and reports on employment laws and updates so you know what’s ahead.

21 states plus the District of Columbia increased their minimum wage in 2015

21 states plus the District of Columbia
increased their minimum wage in 2015
Source: Business Insider, “These 21 States Raised the 2015” January 2, 2015

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A customizable safety program means you’ll get guidance to help you make your worksite safer and reduce workers’ compensation risk

Risk can lurk in unexpected places, and you need clear, actionable ways to take control. Our risk and safety consultants will help you evaluate your worksite and OSHA risk areas. Then, based on the evaluation, we’ll make recommendations and help you customize a safety program for your business with the steps you need to take to improve safety and make employees more aware of the role they play. The results? Improved morale, fewer injuries, reduced downtime, and lower costs.

EPL insurance and a legal defense benefit mean you can mitigate your financial exposure for covered employee claims and lawsuits.

Despite your best efforts, you may run up against an employment claim. Even then, ADP TotalSource has your back. You’ll have employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) and a legal defense benefit for covered claims, which means your bottom line is better protected.

60% of employers are sued by an employee each year.

60% of employers are sued
by an employee each year.
Source: Shared HR (web-based HRMS)

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