Infographic - Our Milestone is Your Benefit

ADP TotalSource®, the nation’s largest certified PEO, is leading the pack with over 500K worksite employees.

Why is this number significant?

It’s rare to reach a milestone like employing a half million employees. Few companies have. Most won’t. Some won’t want to. But what makes this achievement so special to ADP is that this milestone is the collective effort of thousands of small and midsize businesses banding together to be part of ADP TotalSource, the nation’s largest certified Professional Employer Organization.

The collective power of these 500,000 companies allows them to compete on a different level than their peers. With ADP TotalSource they can offer their employees Fortune 500®-caliber benefits, a top-flight 401(k) plan, and attractive programs such as career development opportunities. Equally important, the management team of each of these businesses gains executive guidance and a personalized action plan that helps them find, hire, pay, reward and keep the employees that drive their business forward.

Infographic - 500k

Interested in how you can gain insight into your company’s personalized data around talent, benefits and risk? Or better yet, how you stack up against your competitors?

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The IRS does not endorse any particular certified professional employer organization.
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