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Make your employees’ lives and your benefits packages more complete. Fringe simplifies lifestyle benefit management and improves the employee experience.

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Unify your benefits and empower employees to use them

Traditionally, the more lifestyle benefits you offer, the more vendors you have to work with. Multiple platforms and login credentials make for disjointed experiences and burdensome administration.

Fringe eliminates such hassles. It consolidates multiple lifestyle benefits into a centralized platform, providing a holistic view of all that you offer. Your employees can conveniently manage their rewards, stipends and subsidies from one place.

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Connect employees to what makes them whole

A lack of meaningful lifestyle benefits may cause employees to feel unrecognized and insufficiently supported by their employer. But how do you know what will fulfill each employee’s needs – at work and at home?

Fringe takes the guesswork out of lifestyle benefits because it allows you to offer personalized perks and benefits to your employees. They can choose from more than 150 services and activities designed to improve their wellbeing and spark joy. Fringe also makes peer-to-peer gifting possible without the complexity of gift cards.

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Develop lasting relationships with your employees

Failing to acknowledge or reward good performance in the workplace isn’t just bad for morale. It can also lead to increased turnover.

Fringe helps you build loyalty and retain valued employees with an array of thoughtful benefits that support the many aspects of their lives:

  • Employer-to-employee and peer-to-peer recognitions
  • Experiences that help unite employees with family and friends
  • Work benefits that integrate with everyday moments that matter
Retention stat: 84% higher employee loyalty

Meet the complex and diverse needs of your employees

Enhance your employees' experiences and well-being. Fringe clients typically experience:

90% or higher engagement

or higher engagement

85% average program utilization versus 20-30% industry average

average program utilization versus
20-30% industry average

50% less turnover compared to competitors

less turnover compared
to competitors

2023 Fringe benchmark report

Fringe FAQs

What is Fringe?

Fringe simplifies lifestyle benefit management and improves the employee experience by delivering personalized perks and benefits that enhance quality of life and help you attract and retain talent.

Is Fringe a taxable benefit?

Yes, employer funding in Fringe is considered a taxable fringe benefit to employees (it’s taxed the same way as a gift card).

Do you provide tax reporting to employers?

Yes, Fringe can provide reporting on the amount of taxable income per employee either on a monthly basis (to add to payroll taxes) or at the end of the year (for employers to add to W-2s).

What happens if an employee never uses their Fringe account?

If an employee never uses their Fringe account and never spends any points, those points can be refunded to the employer as long as the employee hasn’t been taxed on them.

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