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Effortlessly manage all your clients' ADP retirement plans in one place with day-to-day oversight.

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Manage your retirement book of business with ease

The ADP Advisor Access portal can help financial advisors like you save time, minimize administrative tasks and better serve your retirement plan clients. It provides critical retirement plan data and insightful details about your ADP book of business, making it possible to create new opportunities and add more value than ever before.

Deepen client relationships and run a stronger practice

With Advisor Access, you can easily access the information you need to make better decisions about your clients, their retirement plans and their business.

Advisor Access Accessibility screen

Connect to insights and data at your fingertips

Advisor Access provides a holistic view of all the plans that make up your ADP book of business so you can serve your clients at a glance. From the portal’s dashboard, you can quickly see important aggregate metrics, such as:

  • Total assets
  • Number of total plans
  • Participant average contribution rate
  • Asset allocation
  • Key feature adoption (i.e., auto enrollment, 3(16) services, Roth and more)
Advisor Access Analytics screen

Leverage analytics to capitalize on your value proposition

Advisor Access offers in-depth insights that can help your clients maximize plan participation and maintain compliance. The portal’s three distinct viewpoints include:

  • Book of business – displays each plan you manage and its balances, participation rates, year-end compliance test results and 5500 filing status
  • Plan level – provides a deeper look into specific plan data, like key statistics, adopted plan features, plan investments and compliance status
  • All investments – offers a thorough view of plan investment lineups, from balances by individual funds to expense ratios

This screen is representative of website features and is not meant to reflect any specific investments or customer account.

Advisor Access Administration screen

Achieve more success with less effort

Whether you’re advising five retirement plan clients or 50, Advisor Access helps you accomplish more in less time and with fewer resources by leveraging the power of ADP’s leading-edge technology and innovation. Our enhanced functionality provides a bird’s eye view of your plans, allowing you to effortlessly:

  • Keep track of important compliance and administrative tasks
  • Monitor investments and identify areas for improving overall plan health
  • Generate standard and custom reports

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