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Find out why midsized companies use ADP® more than the next five most-popular payroll and HR providers combined.*

It's time to get the midsized business solutions you need to help you:

93% of customers said ADP's software saved them time.

Reclaim your time

Ninety-three percent of customers said that ADP's midsized business software saved them time, with most saving over 25 hours per month.1

200,000 hours of training for ADP certified compliance professionals.

Gain peace of mind

You get the only platform specifically built for companies your size, with an all-in-one solution, top-ranked security2 and support from certified compliance professionals with combined 200,000 hours of training over the last year.

ROI is 81 percent with payback in less than one year.

Save money

Our clients saved hundreds of thousands of dollars by automating HR processes, reducing errors and avoiding costly penalties. Return on investment is a strong 81 percent with payback in less than one year.3

The widest range of payroll and HR solutions all-in-one system.

The industry's leading payroll and tax solution

You can feel confident that your payroll is accurate and on time while staying on top of taxes and regulations. Specifically, you can:

  • Run payroll in a few simple steps
  • Add employees with ease
  • Access clear and simple reporting
  • See employee data in one dashboard
  • Get tax filing support from a team of certified experts
  • Enable employee and manager self-service — online or with our award-winning mobile app, that has 15 million users

Learn more about our approach to payroll.

Manage costs, simplify compliance and boost productivity

  • Reduce manual administration and get back to running your business by automating time and attendance
  • Manage overtime and absences while optimizing staffing levels
  • Give your employees real-time, mobile access to their schedules, hours worked and vacation balances
  • Adapt to rapidly changing legislation and stay compliant

Learn more about our approach to time and labor management or see how time management works with ADP Workforce Now® by scheduling a custom demo.

Get a seat at the table with strategic HR management software

  • Identify trends and make educated business decisions and recommendations with better HR intelligence
  • Align performance and compensation with your business objectives
  • Reduce your administrative burdens by streamlining administrative processes and seamlessly integrating with payroll, time and labor, and benefits
  • Communicate with your employees and build your company culture

Acquire, manage and activate your people with a comprehensive suite of talent solutions

  • Put data to work for you to make fair and competitive offers to prospects and improve employee retention
  • Activate the potential of your people and turn natural talent into extraordinary performance
  • Connect your employees to their work and your business goals by helping them craft personal goals that contribute to yours, receive meaningful feedback and identify personalized development for better performance
  • Leverage strategic succession planning to help ensure that your business's values and culture endure as your workforce evolves
  • Provide exciting, innovative, personalized learning opportunities for your employees to help fuel their own innovation
  • Get a 360-view of internal candidates when it comes to their performance, growth opportunities and succession planning

Learn more about our approach to talent or see the powerful advantages of ADP Workforce Now®.

ADP Workforce Now® — Recruitment for Midsized Businesses

To attract top talent and turn amazing applicants into perfect hires, you need smart recruitment tools. ADP Workforce Now® — an all-in-one, connected solution for companies with more than 50 employees — simplifies recruitment so you can staff up with speed and confidence.

Discover a more efficient way to manage benefits

  • Control costs with increased accuracy that helps you avoid penalties and overpayments
  • Save time and enjoy the simplicity of an automated open enrollment process
  • Gain insight with benefits reporting that helps you identify issues and opportunities

Learn more about our approach to benefits administration or see the powerful advantages of ADP Workforce Now®.

Simplify the complexity of choosing employee benefits

Offering the right benefits can help you attract and keep the best people for your business. We can help. See how to get support with group health insurance and help your employees prepare for retirement.

Or find out how you can offer Fortune 500®-caliber benefits with our professional employer organization (PEO) option, ADP TotalSource®.

ADP Workforce Now® — Benefits administration for midsized businesses

Provide your employees with a great benefits experience and control your costs with ADP Workforce Now® Benefits Administration.

Hand off payroll and HR tasks so you can focus on what counts most

Outsourcing can be a smart way to:

  • Streamline processes and improve operations and efficiencies
  • Increase profitability and lower expenses related to HR staff, infrastructure and technology
  • Gain back time for more strategic aspects of your work

With ADP, you can:

  • Outsource just some — or all — HR tasks, and let us handle the complexities of hiring, engagement, employee issues, payroll, benefits, compensation, talent, compliance and more. Learn more about this type of HR outsourcing and our managed services outsourcing solution: ADP® Comprehensive Services
  • Opt for full outsourcing through a co-employment arrangement — by partnering with us as a professional employer organization (PEO). Learn more about co-employment with a PEO and our award-winning PEO solution: ADP TotalSource®

ADP Workforce Now® features and benefits

Preview the most flexible payroll and HR solution you’ll find.

ADP Workforce Now® delivers the versatility of an easy-to-use solution that scales with you — and the convenience of an all-in-one platform that seamlessly integrates with all your favorite systems. Discover how smarter HR software fits you.

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Payroll
  • 3 Employees
  • 4 Deductions
  • 5 Reports
  • 6 Accuracy
  • 7 Dashboard
  • 8 Self-service

Say hello to easier, faster payroll.

ADP Workforce Now® takes the guesswork and paperwork out of payroll and tax filing.

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Run payroll in a few simple steps

Access key information at a glance, and run payroll with ease.

Add employees

Add employees with ease.

Automatically add new hires from your applicant tracking tool — no need for manual data entry.

Add deductions

Manage deductions with confidence.

Easily set up and sync deductions to payroll so they're accurate for federal, state and local taxes.

Run reports

Access clear and simple reporting.

Understand topline information at a glance and easily drill down into the details.

Improve accuracy

Improve accuracy with error detection.

Avoid costly errors and frustrated employees with tools that flag potential issues before they happen.

See data in one place

See all employee data with one dashboard.

See full employee pay data and history in one simple view.

Empower employees

Equip employees with self–service.

Easily access pay, time, benefits and more via desktop or mobile app — loved by more than 18 million mobile users.

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  • 1Overview
  • 2Hire
  • 3Edit
  • 4Terminate

Simplify employee management.

Hiring, editing, and terminating employees are hassle-free with ADP Workforce Now®. Our suite of easy-to-use tools helps you save time and reduce errors.

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Make hiring a breeze.

Bringing new employees into your organization is seamless with our easy, step-by-step wizard. Employee data can also be pre-populated from your existing recruiting tool.

Edit records

Update employee records in a few clicks.

Easily edit key employee data— including title, reporting, pay, and much more—in one simple dashboard.

Terminate Employees

Make terminations simple and fast.

Reduce errors, and steps, with a customizable wizard that ensures final pay is handled, company property is recovered, and benefits or direct deposit adjustments are taken care of—quickly and painlessly.

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  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Time
  • 3 Benefits
  • 4 Pay
  • 5 Deposit
  • 6 Manager
  • 7 News

Centralize all employee tasks in one place.

Save time and reduce headaches by letting employees help themselves with ADP Workforce Now® — the all-inclusive dashboard that includes time, pay, benefits, and more.

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Make time and attendance easy.

Employees can clock in or out, view work schedules, swap shifts, and even request time off from their mobile device.

Simplify enrollment

Simplify benefits enrollment.

Let employees complete open enrollment and update dependents quickly and easily.

Access pay history

Get pay statements in a snap.

Employees can view or download their current and past pay statements—even on their mobile device.

Empower employees

Set up hassle-free direct deposit.

Empower employees to sign themselves up for direct deposit in a few simple steps.

Empower managers

Empower your managers.

Let managers quickly access employee data, see compensation, and find emergency contacts. Plus, they can communicate directly with their team via group email or text message.

Keep everyone updated

Keep your employees in the loop.

Push important news to your employees, and ensure they are kept up-to-date with key happenings.

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See the Fall 2018 G2 Crowd Payroll report.

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*Based on payroll revenue as determined through 10Ks, SEC filings and modeled estimates.

  1. Based on ADP client reviews on TrustRadius through April 2018; 67 percent of clients who could quantify their time said they saved over 25 hours per month.
  2. ADP ranked #1 in the Security 500 by Security Magazine in the business services/consulting category.
  3. Based on those clients interviewed for the Total Economic Impact of ADP® Comprehensive Services, January 2018.

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