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ADP Enterprise HR®

Your complex payroll and HR challenges solved.

Drive your business forward with powerful, customizable HCM software

Your organization is complex and ever-changing. How do you keep up with all the details, yet still see the big picture?

ADP Enterprise HR is the optimal human capital management (HCM) solution for large businesses (1000+ employees) across multiple industries that want customization. This solution is hosted for you by ADP®, providing the flexibility of outsourced software and the ability to customize. You get powerful insights and analytics, as well as seamless integration with our wide range of products.

ADP Enterprise HR® features and benefits

Accidents happen. 2.9 million non-fatal workplace injuries and illnesses were reported by private industry employees in 2015.

Powerful, customizable payroll and HR

With ADP Enterprise HR, you’ll reduce administrative tasks and gain insights with a single system for reporting, accountability and payroll.


  • Configure payroll to your unique business needs
  • Streamline payroll operations and simplify tax preparation
  • Stay on top of tax compliance and wage garnishments with our outsourced services


  • Optimize your organizational management
  • Support complex organizational structures and reporting
  • Manage HR compliance

Make even better hiring decisions with benchmarking insights, powered by ADP DataCloud

Win the race to hire the best. With ADP DataCloud, you get:

  • Reporting and analytics to identify workforce trends
  • Benchmarking to see how you measure up
  • Data Explorers — visualized insights to improve HCM strategies
  • Mobile insights — on-the-go insights for timely decision-making

Learn About ADP DataCloud

Workforce data for leaders, business owners, and compensation professionals

Benchmarking, powered by ADP® DataCloud

Benchmarking, powered by ADP DataCloud, lets you compare your workforce data to market averages, based on real, up-to-date anonymous and aggregated HR and pay data from ADP’s U.S. client base of over 30 million employees.

Make the most of your powerful technology with top-notch guidance and service

We’ve worked with thousands of complex organizations to successfully plan for, integrate and implement, and maintain ADP Enterprise HR. And as your business evolves over time, we’re here to help you adapt your HCM strategies and processes.

Save time and improve productivity with mobile access

Use secure, convenient mobile access for simple, anytime access across devices.

With our mobile solutions, employees can:

  • Clock time
  • View pay statements and Forms W-2
  • Access retirement accounts
  • Get flexible spending account (FSA) balances and recent transactions
  • Review and manage benefits elections and information

With mobile access, managers can:

  • Track and approve timesheets anytime, from anywhere
  • Manage their teams from their tablets, with the ability to edit team schedules, view calendars, approve timesheets and time-off requests and more

See how MyADP Time and Attendance manages worklife

MyADP gives access to pay stubs, benefits, time-off balances and schedules – all in one place.

Add the capabilities you need

To enhance the power of ADP Enterprise HR and gain exactly what your organization needs, you can choose add-ons that help you handle:

  • Recruiting and onboarding — Give candidates a compelling experience across mobile and social. Then, inspire new hires with smart onboarding practices; learn more about our approach to recruiting and hiring
  • Talent management — Unleash the full potential of your people through learning, performance management, compensation management and succession planning; learn more about our approach to talent management
  • ACA and benefits — Easily extract the information you need for ACA compliance. Plus, simplify benefits for your HR team and your employees; learn more about our approach to compliance and benefits
  • Time and attendance — Manage labor costs, simplify compliance and help boost productivity with configurable, automated scheduling; learn more about our approach to time and attendance

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