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Improve productivity by developing all leaders — at all levels

The research is clear: When front-line managers fail, top-performing people leave. But when leadership thrives, your people — and your business — thrive, too.

What if you could deliver a 10 percent improvement in leadership behaviors within three months for as little as 20 minutes of time per individual?1 You can with Compass, a science-based talent development system that identifies opportunities for managers across your organization, and then provides personalized coaching to drive effective leadership.

Proven results

A survey of managers who have used Compass showed:

  • Eighty percent said the coaching stimulated their motivation to improve as leaders2
  • Ten percent better performance across all leaders after using Compass' coaching3


Compass® powered by ADP® is a next-generation assessment and coaching development tool that helps organizations drive leadership development.

Compass® powered by ADP® features and benefits

Grow leaders and teams through anonymous and confidential feedback

When you consider that nearly 50 percent of workers leave a company because they aren't happy with their manager,4 investing in developing those relationships seems like a no-brainer.

Compass effectively measures dimensions of how the best teams work through an assessment tool:

  • Leadership assessment focuses on the dynamics between leaders and their teams, allowing team members to easily and quickly give leaders anonymous real-time feedback on precisely what they need from their leaders to be their best

Safe feedback (shared only with the feedback recipient) and development support for every leader, gives people across your organization the opportunity to grow and thrive.

The science, design and validation behind leader assessment

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Engage employees through personal, meaningful reports

Measuring what really drives your people’s daily work behaviors can be hard. Enable each person in your organization to get more engaged in their own progress with real-time reporting from Compass.

Feedback reports from Compass are designed to:

  • Begin with positive feedback, which helps nurture a development mindset
  • Maximize a positive experience; low scores are not deficiencies, but reflect the needs of others, reducing defensiveness
  • Explain why each feedback item is important to measure, which helps show the benefit of improving

Improve leadership skills through targeted coaching

Unlike most assessments, the Compass assessment does not end with a feedback report. Instead, your leaders get specific feedback about their coaching needs. Following each assessment, Compass provides Coach — a personalized multimedia service that:

  • Delivers expert weekly coaching through email, using nudges to drive quick impact
  • Focuses on the one survey item for which the recipient received the lowest score
  • Combines behavioral economics, adult learning theory and the psychology of coaching to make the coaching content as impactful as possible

Does it work? Yes! Of 6,000 managers surveyed who have used Coach:

  • Seventy-one percent said that working with Coach helped them better understand the needs of their subordinates
  • Eighty percent said that working with Coach increased their motivation to improve as a leader
  • There was a 10 percent average score improvement on the coached item; no score change on the items with no coaching
  • Lowest-level leaders improved by 14 percent; highest-level leaders improved by six percent

The science, design and validation behind Coach

Find out what makes Coach effective in this whitepaper or view a coaching sample

Simple for HR and IT. Zero effort for users.

Compass is simple. With no software to install, launching Compass is a breeze. Because it is email based, Compass encourages employee use and reduces the complexity and costs typical solutions entail. In less than five minutes, employees can complete assessments, and in less than two minutes, read coaching emails.

With only an email address, Compass does the rest. You'll have:

  • ZERO sign on, profile setup or training
  • ZERO software to install or tech headaches
  • ZERO leaders left out — automated email-based coaching reaches any person, team or organization on any device

Seriously simple sign-up and implementation makes launching Compass a breeze.

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1. Demonstrated 10 percent average improvement within three months for as little as 20 minutes of time investment per individual. Currently representative of internal ADP data.

2. Based upon user tests conducted by ADP associates on ADP employees who had previously received Compass Coach, upon 332 survey responses received, on August 10, 2016.

3. Versus zero percent change in assessment scores on the behaviors for which people received no coaching.

4. Gallup, State of the American Manager: Analytics and Advice for Leaders, April 2015.