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It’s not easy to tell employees they’re being laid off, but it might feel a little less difficult if you offer outplacement support. BrightJump by ADP enables you to provide separated employees with the right tools at each stage of their transition so they can discover and own their next career opportunity.

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Set the stage for success

  • Help separating employees find their next jobs: BrightJump by ADP strengthens job searches with tools that optimize resumes, improve interview performance and identify opportunities. Access to live career coaching is also available.
  • Support separated employees more easily: BrightJump by ADP's transition resources allow you to conveniently post all the supporting links and documents separated employees need, reducing inbound calls and emails.
  • Automate enrollment and management: Separated employees are automatically sent to BrightJump by ADP and receive invitations based on your preset criteria, limiting the need for manual entries.
  • Manage your brand reputation: Create good will and reinforce your brand’s reputation as a business that will do its best to help displaced employees get back to work faster.

Outplacement services available with BrightJump by ADP

Expert coaching

Take advantage of live coaching sessions with our team of experts.

Job board

Access over 3.2 million job postings.

Resume creator

Build a resume that stands up to applicant tracking systems.

Resume review

Increase visibility with resume preparation that caters to job requirements.

Self-paced courses

Take self-paced learning modules to boost networking skills and stand out in interviews.

Saved jobs

Manage all job activity in one place including saved jobs, job status, and personal notes.

BrightJump by ADP FAQs

What is BrightJump by ADP?

BrightJump by ADP is a comprehensive outplacement services platform designed to help separated employees find new jobs in less time and with less stress. Resume assessment and optimization, self-paced learning, and personalized, one-on-one coaching are included, as well as access to over 3.2 million job listings with direct links to company career sites. BrightJump also integrates with other ADP human resource management (HRM) products.

Why should I offer outplacement services?

Outplacement assistance can strengthen your reputation as a trustworthy employer. Internally, it can reinforce employee engagement and loyalty, thereby increasing productivity and reducing turnover. Externally, outplacement makes your company more attractive to potential hires, which could mean lower talent acquisition expenses. Helping shorten the amount of time separated employees spend between jobs also may reduce your unemployment costs.

What makes BrightJump by ADP different than other outplacement service platforms?

We developed BrightJump by ADP to help employers drive bigger returns from their outplacement investment. It can be implemented in one to two weeks and requires minimal to no manual data management. This cost-effective approach allows you to extend outplacement to more of your employees.

For job seekers, BrightJump by ADP is an end-to-end assistant covering every part of their career transition with up-to-date employment data and best-practice knowledge. Its advanced, people-first technology is designed from the ground up to be the only resource displaced employees will need to find a new job – likely in less time and with less stress.

How much does BrightJump by ADP cost?

Contact your ADP sales representative for more information on pricing.

How long is the implementation process for BrightJump by ADP?

The implementation process for BrightJump by ADP is simple and requires minimal effort on your part. With a streamlined approach, you can expect a smooth transition within one to two weeks. Our dedicated team will guide and support you through the process, ensuring a low-hassle experience.

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