ADP Workforce Now® Talent Management

Recruiting top talent, managing employee performance and controlling compensation have never been easier or more effective. ADP Workforce Now® helps you attract, engage, retain and, ultimately, unlock the potential of your people.

Take talent management to a whole new level.

From recruiting and hiring to management and growth, ADP Workforce Now can help you get the best out of your people.

Attract the right talent for the right positions


Deliver a seamless hiring and onboarding experience


Develop high-performing leaders and teams


Align performance and compensation with your business objectives


Popular talent management features and benefits

Strategic recruiting, performance and compensation features for midsized businesses.

1. "The Total Economic Impact of ADP Workforce Now — Cost Savings and Business Benefits Enabled by Workforce Now," Forrester, October 2017.

Streamlined recruitment, screening and selection

Recruit and retain the right people with:

  • A custom career website
  • Job postings, videos and other messages for external job seekers and internal candidates
  • Social media postings with pre-populated job details
  • A streamlined screening and selection process with automated reviews and resume sharing
  • Reporting on your cost-to-hire and time-to-hire

Structured and engaging performance reviews for managers and employees

Better assess and develop your team, increase engagement and reduce turnover with:

  • Intuitive workflows and customizable performance management templates
  • Cascading performance goals
  • Annual or continuous reviews and check-ins with multi-rater feedback
  • Customized reporting and benchmarking to assess strengths, predict turnover risks and spot trends

Strategic compensation planning

Control your bottom line, budget for increases and reward top performers with:

  • Define compensation events, with possible multiple compensation types, like merit increase, bonus, stock, stock options and more
  • A streamlined planning process that passes compensation adjustments automatically to payroll
  • Budgetary guidelines for managers for rewarding top performers
  • Market insights with data from more than 30 million employees to help you find the right balance across pay equity, bonuses, merit increases, stock awards and more

Talent Insights & Resources

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