ADP Workforce Now® benefits enrollment and administration

Attract and retain top talent, gain control over costs, and manage the entire benefits enrollment and administration process all in one place with ADP Workforce Now®’s flexible, simple and engaging benefits platform.

Benefits designed to drive your business forward

Benefits enrollment and administration doesn’t have to be complicated and costly. ADP Workforce Now can help you:

Streamline benefits enrollment for everyone

Provide employees with a great benefits experience

Save money with clear visibility into costs

Automate Affordable Care Act compliance

Popular benefits administration features

Full-featured and flexible benefits enrollment and administration for midsized businesses.

Simplify the entire process — from open enrollment to administration

Make it easy for you and your employees to get the most out of your benefits program with:

  • Online open enrollment, life event changes, and dependent and beneficiary updates
  • Benefits plan creation wizard and multiple benefit plan types
  • Customizable benefits practitioner dashboard
  • Intuitive employee mobile app or website experience to enroll and manage benefits
  • Seamless integration with payroll, HR and financial systems, including most ERPs

Powerful benefits analytics and decision support

Get insights and information that help you and your workforce make smart benefits decisions with:

  • Pre-defined reports such as Eligibility Status, Employee & Dependent Enrollments, Employee Enrollment Activity, Benefit Plan Summary and more
  • Comparison reporting tool to identify changes, additions or deletions
  • Customized reporting to assist with compliance, decision-making and forecasting
  • For your workforce: personalized plan ranking, plan comparisons, calculators, and control features to fine-tune selection preferences

Automated regulatory compliance

Avoid costly fines and penalties and consistently administer compliance with changing laws and regulations, including the Affordable Care Act, with:

  • Integrated systems and information to help reduce exposure
  • Auditing process and support for ACA requirements
  • Dashboards for accurate tracking and measurement of hours worked and benefits eligibility
  • Automated COBRA notifications for trigger events
  • Annual IRS reporting
  • Concierge support services

Save time, minimize errors through integrations with top carriers

ADP Workforce Now seamlessly integrates with top benefit carriers, streamlining the exchange of data for plan setup, enrollment and billing. Your HR and finance teams will no longer need to manually enter benefit plan information and keep it up to date across multiple systems. This helps reduce the risk of human data entry error and saves valuable hours of time.

In addition to working with more than 700 insurance carriers, financial institutions and other organizations, ADP directly integrates with:



Mutual of Omaha




Offer your employees more with benefits

Looking to do even more for your business and employees? Business insurance, group health insurance and retirement may be on your radar — and integration with ADP Workforce Now is seamless.

Business and health insurance

When you work with Automatic Data processing Insurance Agency, Inc. (ADPIATM), a team of licensed insurance services professionals will help you select the right group health insurance and business insurance, including workers’ compensation, to suit your business and employee needs.

Retirement plans

Attract, retain and reward employees with retirement solutions such as 401(k), SIMPLE IRA or SEP IRA plans to help them become retirement ready. Our powerful technology and experienced service team can help make retirement planning for you and your employees easy.

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