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Take advantage of your eligible tax credits and incentives with ADP SmartCompliance

Build for the future with the Research & Development (R&D) tax credit

The R&D tax credit applies to more companies than ever. Our services include:

  • Dedicated R&D tools & experts: ADP experts will provide a thorough study of qualified expenses to help maximize eligible credits.
  • Exclusive tools and resources for CPAs & Accountants: We share tools and expertise with accountants and CPAs to quickly deliver actionable assessments of eligible credits.
  • Risk-free pricing model: ADP’s pricing model is contingent upon identifying and documenting tax credits for your organization.

R&D tax credit: What it is and how to claim it. Read the guide.


CPAs, are you maximizing your clients’ eligible R&D tax credits? Find out. Watch Tax Credits Myths Debunked for CPAs.

Work Opportunity Tax Credits (WOTC) for your new hires

Our best-in-class automated WOTC screening experience can:

  • Integrate with virtually any applicant-tracking solution (ATS): Integrate with your existing ATS, maximizing applicant data capture.
  • Maximize your tax credit eligibility: Simplify the capture of required WOTC data with our single-page questionnaire and intuitive web and mobile app.
  • Provide a touchless HR experience: A secure yet easy fit within your hiring process that minimizes work for hiring managers.
  • ADP can help. Visit the ADP WOTC Resource Site for the latest details.
Simplifying WOTC Screening for Applications and Managers guidebook

Simplify WOTC screening

Southern Healthcare Management saved time by switching from a manual WOTC screening process to ADP's automated solution.

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Grow your business with other tax credits, incentives and expert services

If your organization is growing, training, relocating, investing in facilities or consolidating, you may be eligible to take advantage of other tax credits and incentives.

Other federal, state and local incentives may be available. Work with ADP to explore:

  • Implement a business incentive strategy: ADP's technology and expertise can help build a tax credit portfolio that provides meaningful financial return.
  • Execute on a wide array of tax credits and incentives, including: Negotiated incentives, transferable credits, training credits, job creation, time-sensitive legislation, disaster relief credits and incentives, and more.

ADP’s Economic Development Services (EDS) team can help you capture incentives for your evolving business

  • Strategy development: Our incentive data & opportunity analysis can help you make the best site decisions possible.
  • Negotiating agreements: From building relationships to visiting potential locations, we’re with you on the front lines.
  • Compliance and administration: From filing timely reports to complying with all terms, we’ll help you maximize the value of every incentive.
Navigating economic development incentives with ADP SmartCompliance

Efficiently manage economic development incentives

With ADP's tax incentive reporting tools, Cognizant has never missed a deadline for managing strict and complex economic development incentive requirements.

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Why choose ADP for tax credits?

We have the expertise you need to capture the maximum amount of tax credits and incentives for your organization.

ADP has helped clients capture more than $1.1 billion in aggregate tax credits and incentives in a single year.**

Our experts leverage a proprietary database of 3,000+ tax credit and incentive programs to maximize savings.

34 million

ADP screens over 34 million applicants per year for the WOTC program.**

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ADP SmartCompliance is a suite of technology solutions backed by ADP’s experts to help you simplify compliance complexity, close technology gaps and minimize business disruptions.

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*Based on 2016-2018 ADP internal data on service fee to actual R&D Credit value ratio.

**Source: ADP Internal Data, 2019.