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woman holding smart phone with brain image above it

Trends and Innovation

The Word on CES: What's Really Driving NextGen Technology?

An employee gathers up office supplies in a cardboard box

Research & Insights

Best Practices for Limiting Unemployment Tax Exposure

A business person carries a briefcase out a door marked exit

Research & Insights

Ask Addi P.: What Data Should I Collect in 2020? Which HR Metric Matters Most?

A 1099 Form

Payroll Administration

Do You Know the Difference Between the 1099-K and 1099-M — and Does it Matter?

A man and a woman stand next to stacks of quarters The mans stack is taller

Corporate and Social Responsibility

The Workplace Equality Picture in Europe

A woman answers the phone at a hotel front desk

Trends and Innovation

Hospitality Employee Management and Supervision: Workforce Optimization in Motion

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