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Victorio Milian

Victorio Milian 

Victorio Milian is a Human Resources consultant, photographer, and writer living in the best place on Earth — New York City! He has spent his 15+ year HR career in the fashion retail, restaurant, and non-profit industries. His thoughts on workplace matters has been quoted in digital and other publications, such as Mashable and The Village Voice. It's his ongoing mission to help organizations build systems that value people for who they are, along with what they can do.

Latest Articles  by  Victorio 

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HR Administration and Outsourcing

Humans of HR: Shelly Jackson

Colleagues examine documents on compliance around a table

Compensation and Benefits

Understanding the Affordable Care Act — Where We've Been and What to Do Next

A business person bullies a colleague.

People Management and Growth

Workplace Bullying: An Issue Not to Be Ignored

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Trends and Innovation

Peer-to-Peer Learning Can Help Employees Find Value

How Can a Sabbatical Leave Policy Help Prevent Burnout?

Compensation and Benefits

How Can a Sabbatical Leave Policy Help Prevent Burnout?

How HR and Finance Collaboration Can Improve Business

People Management and Growth

How the Collaboration Between HR and Finance Can Improve Business

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People Management and Growth

The Benefits of Establishing a Job Shadowing Program for Employees

Disaster Preparation in the Workplace

Risk and Compliance

Disaster Preparation in the Workplace

Chief Employee Experience Officer

HCM Strategy

Does Your Firm Need A Chief Employee Experience Officer?

Take Your Kid To Work

Employee Engagement

Is "Take Your Child to Work Day" Still Relevant?

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