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Jennifer S Kiesewetter Esq

Jennifer Kiesewetter Esq 

Jennifer Kiesewetter is a seasoned attorney in the field of employee benefits, encompassing qualified and nonqualified employee benefit plans, welfare benefit plans, and executive compensation plans. She is also an Adjunct Professor of Employee Benefits and Insurance Law at University of Memphis Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law.

Latest Articles  by  Jennifer 

How to hire a foreign worker in the U.S.

Recruiting and Hiring

Hiring Foreign Workers: What Programs Are Available?

Drug Use in the Workplace

Risk and Compliance

Drug Use in the Workplace: What Employers Should Know

An employee signs a separation agreement.

Risk and Compliance

How Employee Separation Agreements Can Protect Your Business

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Midsize Business

401k Contribution Limits for 2018 Increase: 3 Things Finance Leaders Should Know



The EU GDPR: What to Know About the EU's General Data Protection Regulation

A button spins for different languages on a digital translator.

People Management and Growth

Best Practices When You Have a Multilingual Workforce

Transgender Equality in the Workplace


Transgender Equality in the Workplace: What Employers Need to Know

4 Ways to Help With Controlling Compliance Costs

Risk and Compliance

4 Ways to Help With Controlling Compliance Costs

Cafeteria Plan Compliance

Learning and Development

Cafeteria Plans: Staying Compliant With the Rules

Whistleblower protections

Learning and Development

What to Know About Managing Global Whistleblowing in the Workplace

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