[Video] Workforce News Minute: Financial Wellness Tools Give Employers an Edge

Young woman using pay card to buy groceries for family

Today's ultra-competitive talent market is pushing employers to elevate their offerings.

In today's competition for top talent, financial wellness tools are offering some a competitive advantage.

How can employers enable financial wellness for their workers?

In this Workforce News Minute video, Gautam Sukumar, ADP Senior Vice President/General Manager, Employee Financial Solutions, explains the tools employers should consider to help enable financial confidence in their workforce.

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In this tight labor market, employers are looking for any edge that they can get to attract and retain top talent. And we're finding that employee financial wellness tools can offer employers that edge.

Things like flexible on-demand pay options, things like savings envelopes, bill pay, cash back, etc., can really drive that differentiation for the employer. We're finding that more than 75% of employees would choose an employer that offers flexible pay options, like earned wage access.

And employers are stating that 93% of them find that often flexible pay helps with retention and attracting talent*.

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