What's Driving the Future of Work: The Evolution of Technology in Hiring and Recruiting

Cheddar TV and ADP Evolution of Technology in Hiring Recruiting

In this segment of Cheddar news, Bob Lockett, Chief Diversity and Talent Officer at ADP, shares how human resources (HR) technology allows leaders to understand the success and pain points of their hiring and recruiting efforts.

Watch this segment from Cheddar News (TV network) sponsored by ADP, featuring Bob Lockett. Chief Diversity and Talent Officer at ADP. He shares insights about how the pandemic has changed recruiting processes, how technology is transforming HR practices, some tips for in-person and virtual interviewing, and the top skills recruiters are looking for.

Watch this video to learn more about the evolution of recruiting and hiring practices that are shaping the future of work.

The video segment covers these topics beginning at these times:



  • Main challenge for employers has been finding the "right" talent


  • Most employers are looking for talent in traditional and non- traditional ways


  • Tapping into diverse markets is more important today than ever in recruiting strategies


  • How technology is changing talent management, employee retention and engagement


  • Technology allows leaders and HR professionals to be more strategic about the types of roles they need, workforce demographics, engagement
  • Details on employee sentiment around issues of performance, using data driven insights


  • HR technology allows leaders to understand the success and pain points of their recruiting efforts


  • HR tools are used for internal recruiting efforts such as succession planning and internal movement of talent;



  • How employers can ensure effective interaction in different interview environments


  • Hiring managers need to be sensitive that the interview format may be an advantage to some and a challenge for other candidates


  • The key is to balance the methods of communication based on the role to create a meaningful connection with candidates



  • Critical skills are rooted in understanding technology and having the ability to solve problems


  • Top candidates often demonstrate flexibility, great collaboration skills, grit and have a growth mindset

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