Enhancing the Employee Experience

Find out how ADP Comprehensive Services helped Pinnacle Agriculture increase efficiency and eliminate errors in their complex payroll department.

(ADP Comprehensive Services) is a very efficient process; we don’t have errors anymore, we don’t have mistakes anymore. People trusted their payroll for the first time in company history.

Alan Kessock , Chief Accounting Officer , Pinnacle Agriculture

Challenges Pinnacle Agriculture faced:

  • Difficulty efficiently and accurately managing payroll for 40 acquired companies
  • Employees unable to count on receiving a reliable paycheck
  • Tackling tax and compliance laws throughout 26 states

How ADP helped

  • Automated Pinnacle Agriculture’s payroll to ensure timely and accurate weekly payroll
  • Streamlined weekly payrolls from three to one, significantly decreasing both staff headcount and time spent on payroll
  • Provided extensive resources to handle tax and compliance, as well as corrected past issues prior to partnering with ADP

About Pinnacle Agriculture
Headquarters: Loveland, CO
Industry: Agricultural
Size: 1,704 employees across 26 locations
ADP products: ADP Workforce Now® and Comprehensive Benefits

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