Raising the World-Class Bar Through Digital Transformation

Most companies are struggling to keep pace with changing business requirements. Today’s HR environment requires new approaches to HR operations and the ability to work as a proactive, collaborative business partner. Yet most HR functions focus on processing transactions rather than enabling employee growth and increasing their strategic value.

World-class HR organizations stay ahead of change by building capabilities that enable them to deliver services more efficiently and effectively and provide high-value tools, expertise and insights to business leaders.

Companies with world-class HR functions have a performance advantage, based on efficiencies, they can quantify:

  • Spending 25% less than typical HR groups
  • Requiring 30% less staff

The Hackett Group’s complimentary research also found that digital technology provides an opportunity to accelerate progress toward world-class HR status in less than five years, with some organizations making marked improvements in less than two.

Digital technologies are changing HR

Download the whitepaper for actionable insights, including:

  • Efficiency and effectiveness performance metrics illustrating where world-class HR outperforms other companies and by how much
  • How digital technologies are changing HR's operations and ability to generate data insights
  • How digital transformation differs from previous approaches to technology-enabled change
  • Estimated cost savings from the adoption of digital technologies
  • Four tips to jumpstart HR's digital transformation

With ADP® and The Hackett Group, you get proven expertise, process excellence and technology innovation paired with an unparalleled knowledge base of HCM best practices, benchmarking metrics and business intelligence – to help set you on the course toward raising the bar of your company’s HR.

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