Webcast: Tackling the Midmarket’s Human Capital Management Challenges

ADP Innovation logoTo thrive in today’s intensely competitive market, midsized companies need sophisticated Human Capital Management (HCM) systems to help them manage complex regulatory requirements, growing demand for a pay-for-performance culture and other emerging business challenges.

Issues like globalization, business mobility and the “War for Talent” are top-of-mind for many midsized firms who – like their larger peers – now manage employees around the world. Globalization increases business complexity by, for example, governing rules about what employee data midsized companies may legally collect and share across borders. Companies with more than 50 employees must also determine which business functions to support with mobile to address growing demand from their multi-generational workforces for mobile access to HR and other core business systems. On the talent front, cultivating a merit-based culture is also increasingly critical as midsized companies compete with larger firms to attract and retain top performers.

Running a successful midsized company can be challenging. Integrated HCM systems are becoming an essential ingredient in helping midsized firms manage global growth, stay ahead of regulatory change, support a mobile workforce and fuel strategic decision-making.


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