GCA Services Group, Inc. A Unified HCM Solution Increases Engagement

GCA Services Group, Inc. is a leading national provider of quality facilities services with over 36,000 employees in 4,400 locations across the United States. GCA Services Group was looking for help in consolidating their HR systems, being able to communicate with their dispersed employee base and to improve their payroll process. GCA partnered with ADP to streamline efficiencies, moving from five systems to one integrated system, and using a HCM portal that effectively communicates to their entire workforce including bi-lingual capabilities. Hear from Paul Siladi, VP Compensation and Benefits, GCA Services Group, Inc. as he shares how GCA was able to improve efficiency by offering self-service for easier access for employees to their information and moving 88% of their workforce to receiving electronic pay.

Paul Siladi , VP Compensation and Benefits , GCA Services Group, Inc.

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