Help ensure candidates you choose meet your expectations with background screening

Missing or incorrect candidate background information can sometimes present a roadblock in the talent acquisition process once you’ve identified a candidate for hire. ADP helps alleviate your administrative burden, validate records, uncover potential missing or misleading data, avoid risk and stay compliant with your hiring processes.

  • Help reduce your time to hire, manage risk, and avoid potential civil claims and criminal penalties. Performing millions of pre-employment background screens per year in more than 170 countries for companies of every size, our solution can be configured to help meet your business needs
  • For an even more efficient combination of technology and service excellence to address the complexities of Form I-9 completion requirements and employee verification, engage ADP for I-9 and E-Verify® solutions

Get an accurate history on candidates you choose

Our employee background checks and pre-employment screening solutions dig into available public records to help ensure application information is accurate and that you have all the background knowledge you want on the talent you wish to bring on board.

Optimize your background check processes for U.S. and International locations under one system with technology that provides:

  • Accurate candidate authentication, including screening for other names
  • Criminal background checks
  • Employment, education, personal/professional, and credential verifications
  • Checks of additional public records and registries
  • One system for both domestic and global candidate and employee screening
  • Workflows integrated with other ADP solutions

A multinational technology and consulting corporation sends 20,000 candidates annually in the U.S. alone through an ADP background screen and gets results in 2 business days on average.
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ADP’s employee screening services can help you to:

  • Determine if a candidate meets your company’s screening policy requirements
  • Make more informed compliance and employment-related decisions and mitigate risk
  • Accelerate your hiring process through automation and integration of background checks ordering
  • Customize screening packages with workflows to support your company’s specific screening process
  • Use on-demand order tracking within a secure, online environment
  • Understand your true cost for hiring with package background screen pricing and no hidden fees

Trusting ADP with your employment background screening could not be easier or more reliable. We offer on-demand candidate data collection options, best-in-class customer service, and timely and accurate reporting. Plus, our in-house counsel and compliance team monitor ongoing government regulations to help keep you well-informed of relevant changes in applicable laws.

An Agricultural Supplier reduced administrative oversight with ADP background solutions.
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Our Solutions:

  • Candidate Verification: Social Security Number Verification, Social Security Death Match Search, along with other names the candidate may have used
  • Criminal Searches: Order Builder helps identify where to search, ADP® Crim Radar accesses millions of criminal records to identify potential records reported in Federal and State criminal court records, county felony and misdemeanor records, which are then verified by court searches before being reported to our client, and ADP’s international background searches help provide complete insight into your chosen candidate
  • Comprehensive Employee Screening: Motor vehicle records, credit searches, federal and county civil search, bankruptcy court records, workers’ compensation reports and global financial services authority checks, all as selected by you
  • Registries: Government Sanctions Registries, multi-state and single-state sex offender registry, OIG/GSA Sanctions and Registry, Fraud and Abuse Control Information Systems searches
  • Reference Verifications: Employment, education credential/license verifications and international personal/professional verifications
  • Medical/Physical Screening: Drug and alcohol screening, medical physical screening management
  • Other Services:
    • MyPolicyAssistant: Helps add consistency to the screening process and can increase efficiency across the organization by applying your policies to results; helps remove subjectivity by directing you to review when screening results don’t comply with your policies, ensuring all candidates are treated fairly while protecting your company
    • Elite Reference Verifications: ADP contacts candidates and/or recruiters to obtain additional reference phone numbers and supporting documents
    • Adverse Action: ADP helps you with your FCRA pre-adverse action and adverse action candidate notifications from start to finish

Did You Know?
44% of screens uncover discrepancies between the information reported by a reference and candidate.
Source: ADP’s Screening and Selection Reporting, 2016.


It’s a complex process, but failure to accurately complete a Form I-9 for each new hire within the very limited time window post-hire can result in significant fines per Form I-9. As a required aspect of employment authorization used to ensure that a new employee is eligible to work in the U.S., it’s necessary to get it right – and on time.

ADP offers I-9/E-Verify to provide employers with an integrated technology solution that assists with every step of the employment verification process, as well as service expertise to help navigate the complex requirements for Form I-9 completion. The ADP product support tool meets the requirements for Electronic Signature and Storage of Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, and 8 CFR Part 274a, and provides employers with the ability to view and export data. Trust ADP to help you with Form I-9 compliance.

Compliance Monitoring

Our in-house counsel and compliance team monitor ongoing government regulations, generate compliance alerts to keep our clients knowledgeable, and provide clients with access to our resource library for timely updates. We stay current with employment laws related to our services and can provide you with compliance best practices, helping to keep you up to date on ever-changing laws and regulations pertaining to background screening and Form I-9 compliance requirements.

  • Compliance Guides: helpful and regularly updated guidelines for screening new candidates or current employees in accordance with state and local laws known as “Ban the Box” laws restricting certain employer uses of criminal record information
  • Legislative Alerts: provides fast, high-level overviews of federal and state legislative bills turned laws that may potentially impact screening policies and practices
  • Periodic Compliance Webinars: offers helpful compliance and legal insight into current and trending screening topics
  • The Guide: a central repository containing pertinent screening and selection information, such as sample client and applicant forms customizable by client preferences, product information, links to the FCRA and various compliance overviews
  • Regular I-9 Alerts: notification of upcoming changes to the Form I-9 requirements when made public by USCIS

Learn more about Compliance Solutions for Talent Acquisition
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