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Recruiting Solutions for Large Businesses

Finding and engaging the right person for the job is tough. Today’s recruiting landscape has changed dramatically, with social networks playing a huge role in sourcing new talent. Some organizations don’t have the staff to integrate new technologies into their recruiting solutions while others lack the right staff to find that niche expert. Seasonal swings pose other complex hiring challenges. And when you finally find the right person, cumbersome and inefficient onboarding processes can leave a new hire wondering if they’ve made the right choice. With specialized, scalable recruiting solutions, we’ll help you acquire the right talent for your business and onboard them with purpose.

Attract the best people with cutting-edge recruiting solutions.

A quick hire means nothing if it’s not the right hire. You need a talent acquisition strategy that includes the right people, processes, and technology to maintain a competitive advantage. Win big with:

  • A single point of access to manage candidate relationships
  • Services and tools for accurate screening and selection
  • Compliance with pre-employment regulations (like EEOC)
  • Recruiter training certifications
  • Measurable results
Leveraging that onboarding experience is going to give us the opportunity to be able to provide to our workforce a consistent message from leadership.

Cheryl Brand, VP of Compensation & HR Systems, Follett

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Empower your new talent with smart onboarding.

Hiring the right person is just the start. Employee engagement is critical as soon as someone says “yes” to a job offer. Make the most of your onboarding opportunity by:

  • Engaging employees before their first day
  • Streamlining paperwork and creating clear processes
  • Introducing new hires to your company culture
  • Accelerating new employees’ ability to contribute
  • Meeting compliance requirements

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The Human Touch Drives Onboarding Success
Discover key takeaways for creating and deploying an effective onboarding process for your company, including:

  • The importance of the three Cs of Onboarding - Connection, Comfort and Culture.
  • Three critical steps to take when creating an on boarding process.
  • How to create an onboarding checklist.

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Easily hire the best and brightest through outsourcing.

Stay ahead of the competition with ADP’s Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)—a completely scalable and outsourced solution that takes your recruitment program to the next level with:

  • A dedicated team of AIRS® Certified recruiters
  • Sophisticated recruitment technology
  • Recruiting best practices (including social and mobile tactics)
  • Tailored collaboration between in-house resources and ADP
  • Reduced costs, risks, and administrative paperwork
  • Increased hiring speed, candidate satisfaction, and employer brand visibility

[ADP helped us with] proper global predictive workforce planning.

Bradley Arnold, Senior Director, Talent Acquisition, McGraw Hill Financial

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Ensure high quality candidates with background screening.

Reduce your hiring liabilities with configurable and reliable background screening. We perform millions of pre-employment screens in more than 165 countries per year, and we’ll help your unique business with:

  • Customized, position-specific solutions
  • SHRM® -certified compliance professionals
  • Federal, state, and international criminal reporting
  • Drug and alcohol screening
  • Medical physical screening management
  • Regulatory updates

Make better hiring decisions with HCM analytics.

Don’t make decisions in a vacuum. Optimize the speed, cost, and quality of your hiring efforts with:

  • Benchmarking analytics
  • Candidate source tracking

More than two-thirds of multinational companies see talent acquisition and tracking as the workforce management strategy with the greatest impact..

Source: Harnessing Big Data, ADP Research Institute®, 2015

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