G4S Security Solutions is the world’s leading global integrated security company. It provides security officers to help companies and organizations keep their operations and people safe. Its customers range from banks and retail stores to power plants and hospitals. With 560,000 employees across 100 global field locations, it is one of the world’s largest private employers.

As Senior Director of Payroll for G4S in the U.S., Kym Cross manages payroll processing for 48,000 employees in 49 states. Each week, she ensures 8,000 employees are paid on-time and accurately, including three off-cycle payrolls. On a bi-weekly basis, she makes sure 40,000 full-time employees are paid. Kym understands how important technology is to improving how her team works, streamlining payroll processes and reducing administrative work. Here she shares how Wisely Pay by ADP has helped her business and employees.

(G4S) We had a lot of administrative work and issues with our prior paycard, especially as we onboarded new employees. During the transition, ADP helped us improve our processes and cut down administrative tasks. Today we complete enrollment as part of the onboarding process, and our employees receive the card on the spot.

Kym Cross, Senior Director of Payroll
G4S Security Solutions


  • To eliminate as many physical checks as possible to reduce administrative tasks and associated costs involved

How ADP helped

  • Seamlessly implemented Wisely Paycard program, eliminated ~22,500 checks and saved G4S ~$100,580


For almost 10 years, G4S used PeopleSoft as its system of record for Human Resources, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable. We used gross net to process payroll internally, sending our file to ADP to produce pay statements. We also used several ADP Solutions independently such as Employment Verification and W-2 Management, but a third-party for paycards.

Multiple systems and vendors made our work cumbersome, highly administrative and time-consuming. In January 2020, G4S decided to move our gross payroll processing to ADP. We also transitioned to ADP’s paycard program, Wisely Pay. With these two moves, we became a full-service ADP client. We implemented consistent global payroll processes, simplified how we work, improved how we managed our systems and cut down administrative tasks.

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