MAS Restaurant Group operates 111 Taco Bell locations throughout Ohio and Texas. Its 2,500 employees serve made-to-order tacos, burritos and other specialties.

As HR Payroll Specialist for MAS Restaurant Group, Wendy Cruz manages payroll for 2,500 employees, including 2400 who work at 111 restaurants in two states. A MAS employee for 10 years, Wendy has held a variety of roles in both the restaurants and main office. With this experience, she understands how important it is for MAS to maintain simple processes to pay employees quickly and easily. Here she shares how Wisely by ADP has streamlined how she works and better supports employees.

Today, it takes us 3 days to manage payroll submission across both our Texas and Ohio locations. We manage payroll with just a few clicks. No manual checks at all. Now I spend those 3 days on strategic priorities, reporting and analytics.

Wendy Cruz, Payroll Manager
MAS Restaurant Group


  • Eliminate as many physical checks as possible, as well as reduce administrative work and associated costs

How ADP helped

  • Enabled a fully digital payroll process by eliminating 21,915 physical checks annually and saving ~$98,000 a year